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Kellie Smith Co-Founder of Bohemian Decor Company Boho Luxe Home

Known as the “Color Whisperer,” Boho Luxe Home co-founder Kellie Smith loves to break all the design rules (and society’s, too). Her work has been featured in books including Rizzoli’s “Decorate Fearlessly” by Susanna Salk and Sandow Media’s “Best of Office” and “Best of Residential.” Her work as a contract carpet designer and colorist has made a splash in office buildings, hotel chains and commercial establishments around the world. You can also find her signature paint line, Velvet Finishes by Kellie Smith, in the craft rooms of DIY-ers around the country.

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Melanie Hönig Co-Founder Bohemian Decor Company Boho Luxe Home

A trained visual artist and photographer with a travel obsession, Boho Luxe Home co-founder Melanie Hönig spends up to four months a year exploring the globe and capturing images that can be turned into one-of-a-kind patterns for Boho Luxe Home collections. Her travels have taken her into some unique places, to say the least. She’s attended dinner parties inside China’s Forbidden City, taught workshops in Crimean Tatar villages and served as an impromptu “lady in waiting” for Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. No big deal.

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Q&A with Melanie
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On All Love Blog, Kellie and Melanie show you the maximalist way — layering colors, cultures and patterns fearlessly to create joyful, luxurious bohemian decor. Yes, you CAN love it all! This is luxe bohemian interior design Inspired by Everywhere!

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